A Practical View of Green Energy

If you start researching renewable energy online there are countless websites and forms with lots of information, it is an incredibly popular topic as the costs of traditional energy rises.  On top of that, climate change is a real problem that we have to tackle and if we want to reduce greenhouse gases then it is time to look at renewable energy.

Solar Energy

Solar is the most commonly used form of renewable energy, solar panels convert sunlight into electricity that we use to power our homes.  You can use smaller photovoltaic cells to power outdoor light or to heat your water, they can even be used to power household appliances.  You can incorporate solar energy in small ways like this or you can redo your roof with solar panels and power your whole home.

Taking advantage of the sun to power our homes is actually very simple technology, in fact many people build your own their own solar panels.  If that is beyond your skill set then you can always have an installer put the solar panels on your home.  If you think you are too far north or that you don’t get enough sun to make solar panels worth your while, that’s not the case.  If it is bright enough outside for you to read a book then you’re getting enough sun.  Here is a guide on how to build your own solar panels.

Wind Energy

This is the second most commonly used form of green energy, where wind turbines are used to generate electricity.  As the wind gusts it turns the turbines, the rotating blades are what produces the electric current.  You can get small wind turbines that can be affixed to the roof of your home and you can get a diy kit that lets you put the turbine together yourself.  Combining wind with solar power can give homeowners the option of living off grid throughout the year.  In some states you can sell surplus energy back to the electric company.

There are many renewable energy source that we haven’t even begun to tap into.  The fact is that we need to transition from burning fossil fuels over to renewables if we want to save ourselves from climate change.  The industry is changing and now between tax credits even adding solar panels to your home has become more affordable.  Even as little as 10 years ago solar was cost prohibitive to most homeowners.  Today it is within reach but we still have a long way to go.