Green Around the Home

Since this website is about Green topics, I would like to stray away from some of the gloom and doom from my previous posts. Deep sociological issues are very important to our society, but being Green can also be about our day-to-day activities . Rather than getting up on a soapbox and fighting for the larger causes, there are some things we can do every day in our homes and offices to make a difference. Since summer is approaching, I will start with something for all of you gardeners.

chimney soot

Since Many homes have fireplaces, this will apply to many people. During the winter months, get the suit from your fireplace and store it in a large trashcan in your basement or shed. Then as spring approaches, you can spread this material over your grass and gardens. Now your neighbors may think you’re a little crazy, and it may look a little messy, but it will make everything grow so much faster. The black dust will cover your lawn and garden only temporarily until the first heavy rain.

The rainwater will wash it into the soil where it will nourish the ground, and cause everything to grow faster and fuller. If you have a seed spreader, you can use that to just dribble it more evenly. If you have a big backyard you can also make use of composting. That is when you take natural waste products like food that you would naturally throw away, and mix it with a good amount of soil all throughout the fall and winter. It will start to decompose even when the ground is frozen, and will provide a natural and rich soil base for you to use in your garden. Make sure you have it in open area because it can produce a bit of a smell. Once you mix it in with your garden soil, your plants and fruit will grow so much larger and healthier. This also works in flower gardens. So yes, let’s take a stand against the powers that be that would destroy our planet, but in the meantime, let’s do the little day-to-day things that also make a difference.