Ozone Layer

We only have one O-Zone layer. Yet we keep doing things to slowly destroy it. No matter how much science tells us the things that we do will hurt us, we don’t want to seem to listen. We are still shy away from electric cars, solar power, and organic food rather than relying on so much meat. It is actually been said that pig farms produce more methane gas than any other source on the earth. Do we really need to eat bacon that badly? The ozone layer is the only thing protecting us and the rest of the living organisms on the planet from the harmful with rays of the sun.



Once it’s gone we can’t grow it back. So if the ozone layer was gone, most of the plant life on earth would die way. As they produce the oxygen we need to breathe, we would be closely behind. Not only that, but our life here during that time would be miserable. The harmful rays of the sun would burn our skin, and cause various forms of radiation sickness and cancer. All of the outdoor activities that we cherish would be gone, and we would be forced to live inside for most of our lives. We would then be forced to become a nocturnal creature, which sleeps during the day and goes out at night.

how the ozone is affected

Just think about it. All the beach trips, soccer games, and basically every activity outside would be a thing of the past. Even though we have been given this information on numerous occasions, we still refuse to listen or simply just don’t care. Smoking cigarettes and polluting the sky seem to be more important than your health and well-being. It’s a shame. Future generations that will have to deal with this problem seriously will look back and say, “What were they thinking”?

outdoor activities