Geothermal Climate Systems

Geothermal heating and cooling is becoming the new fad and green energy. It is actually something that is so common sense, I am surprised we didn’t utilize it years ago. It uses 0% fossil fuel or electricity to create the perfect environment for your home. The earth we walk on sucks up such a large portion of the sun and retains it for a very long time. So we can use that natural heat for our homes without spending a dime. The same is true for the cooling aspect.

geothermal works

When the earth cools down it also holds the temperature for a very long time. You then use piping systems that go into the ground to create a loop which circulates water and brings heat into your home using the earths natural temperature. Many HVAC companies use these methods now as a part of their service. It only makes sense these days. One company that was out on an air conditioning Collegeville job noticed that the ground there was perfect for this process. Many industry leaders are pushing this as a new form of service.

main geo unit

We’ve known about conductivity of all sorts for hundreds of years. We utilize it in so many other aspects of our lives. With everything from the electric light bulb to the burners on your stove, heat generated friction from electricity has been mainstream since Edison lit up the first light bulb. And the idea of using water as a heating unit has been mainstream in our lives ever since the first radiator was built. It even worked so well we put them in our cars. So it only makes sense. This process can really help reduce costs for homes and offices all over the world. No matter what the climate, you can find a way to implement it into your building structure. It cost almost nothing, and is a gift from our mother nature.