Solar Flares

Solar flares and surge protectors. Even though they both start with an S, you think that’s about the only thing they have in common. But like most things in the scientific world, they are very inter related. And as times change, and weather patterns become more unstable, surge protectors will become a consumer and businesses best friend. So what is the link? Solar flares are radiation bursts the emanate from the sun. They can be anywhere from mild twitches, to out right explosions that expand hundreds of thousands of miles into space. This radiation does a lot of things, but we’re going to focus on electricity for this article. When solar flares target the earth, their electrodynamics structure causes many changes in the structural pattern of our utility grids.

solar flares

And what this can do to someone’s home office or business building is very important to consider. Electrical circuits are very prone to over surges, and under surges of electricity. Over surges can of course, fry your computer components, while under surges damage them due to their trying to perform with limited electricity. Each one is equally as dangerous, and you need the same amount of protection for both. Many small companies that are experienced, usually set up their own offices with computers, servers, printers etc. themselves. They may utilize one or two surge protectors if they have them laying around, but many times they literally just plug them right into the wall. You would assume that if you work in an office building that the building is secure. That is not always the case. If your equipment is not plugged into the proper surge protectors; over surge or under surge could do significant damage to your components.

surge protector

Solar flares are causing many levels of disturbances in the atmosphere. While you may look out your window and it’s a clear and beautiful day, a solar flare is undetectable by the human eyes. You can sustain the same amount of damage on a clear day as during a thunderstorm. So if you operate out of your home or office, It is very important that you plug all your computers and multimedia equipment into properly regulated surge protectors. You will be glad you did.

Making Your Business Greener

Business owners are just as concerned about the environment as anyone else and they want to their part to reduce their carbon footprint.  Putting together an environmental policy and making small changes can help you make a big impact.  Here are some ways that you can make your business greener and improve your bottom line at the same time.

Encourage employees to adapt greener policies:

  • Start within your business and make sure that computers and other unnecessary equipment at the end of the night
  • Trade in your garbage cans for recycling bins, paper and other recyclable waste can be kept out of landfills
  • Adjust your thermostat, you can adjust the temperature in both the winter and summer and make sure that the staff is dressed for the weather
  • Encourage member of the staff to carpool to work
  • You can offer incentives for those that choose to cycle to work, make sure there is an area they can secure their bikes

Making Your Business Greener

Business Travel

Business travel can be expensive and it is one of the easiest ways to reduce your carbon footprint.  You can opt for trains over driving, taking the train uses less fuel and you can get work done while you travel.  You can schedule all your meetings within one geographical area at a time, this saves you time and money.  You can also choose a hotel chain that embraces green policies.  Hotels are usually on board with this, they want to save water and energy costs as much as possible.

Food Options

If it is your policy to provide your staff with lunch, then try and buy local ingredients as much as possible.  If you use a catering company then find one that supports local farmers and fair trade.  Even if you only provide coffee in the office you can look for fair trade coffee brands.

Product Choices

Choose your products and suppliers carefully, you can choose office supplies like refilled ink cartridges along with recycled paper.  If the building belongs to you then you can install things like motion activated lighting and low energy bulbs.  Move your marketing efforts to online rather than having printed marketing materials.  In your own products remove any excess packaging or use smaller packaging options.

There are all kinds of ways that you can move to a more greener business, going paperless is a great way to start.  Many business have embraced going paperless, you no longer need to send out paper bills or invoices.