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3 Great Handheld Vacuums For Pet Hair Removal

Sept 25, 2013

Pets are great non-human companions to hold or play with and though it's fun to have them around, their hair shedding behavior is one stubborn reality we need to deal with. Since pets are not totally confined to the floor, cleaning of other higher surfaces like upholstered furniture and beds is inevitable. This makes investing in a good handheld pet hair vacuum a must. Below are 3 of the best handheld pet vacuums from bpvreviews.com that will help a great deal in cleaning up pet hair messes.

1. Bissel Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum, Corded, 33A1

Measuring 10 by5 by 8 Inches and weighing 4.2 Ponds, this vacuum cleaner comes with an easy-grip handle and a finger-tip access on/off switch for easier operation. Its 4 Amp motor together with its Cyclonic filter system that keeps dirt off the filter while cleaning brings about maximum suction power thus better cleaning performance. This great suction power makes it possible for this vacuum to suck up small to larger debris including pet hairs and also pet food particles. It features an Edge-cleaning design which makes cleaning along edges possible and easier. It also comes with an interchangeable hard nozzle for cleaning dry messes or hard surfaces and a flexible rubber contour nozzle for cleaning upholstery and stairways. This transition is made possible by simply pressing the round nozzle release button and snapping the other nozzle in place. Its 16-foot cord is not so bad for a handheld vac and its cord-wrap system makes its storage easier.

2. Eureka EasyClean Corded Hand-Held Vacuum, 71B

With a 3.5 Amp power rating, this vacuum hosts two motors; the first powers the revolving brush while the second offers suction. Its dimensions are 15 by 7 by 7 Inches and it weighs just 5 Pounds making its portability and maneuverability easier. Its 20-foot cord makes the cleaning of hard to reach areas like inside cars possible without having to worry about nearer power outlet sockets. It comes with a hose that stretches to approximately three times its length and wraps around the body of this vac hence easier storage while its power cord wraps around its back. It features a brushroll which is covered by the Riser Visor which allows the brushroll to clean horizontal surfaces when it is down and vertical surfaces when it is flipped up making it ideal for cleaning stairs, furniture and other varieties of surfaces. It comes with an onboard crevice tool that makes it possible to clean narrow spaces and crevices. Its dirt container is transparent and easy to empty and replace thus saving on the cost of dirt bags.

3. Hoover Platinum Collection Linx Cordless Pet Handheld Vacuum, BH50030

This cordless vacuum cleaner features an 18 V Lithium-Ion rechargeable and interchangeable battery that is compatible with other Hoover cordless vacuums. The battery is charged for approximately 3 hours separately from the vacuum itself and it offers fade-free power lasting between 10 to 15 minutes when cleaning. Its 25 degrees pivot nozzle together with its attachments including the Powerhead Brushroll, Pet Upholstery tool with 3-blade design for pulling out pet hairs from surfaces and The Deluxe Dusting brush with two rows of gentle bristles for cleaning delicate surfaces make this vacuum cleaner more effective for its intended purpose. Its small size; 19.2 by 6.4 by 10 Inches and its cordless design make its storage easier. It is also lightweight at 5.1 Pounds hence more portable. It has LED Battery indicators that show the power percentage of the battery. It doesn't depend much on power outlets thus can be used to clean anywhere.

Thee three pet handheld vacuums are great bargains for every pet owner who wants each and every corner of their house clean and free from pet hairs and dander as well as allergens. It is advisable to make any of them an addition to your regular vacuum cleaner especially if you plan on cleaning larger areas since these are mostly effective for smaller and quicker cleaning tasks.

The Best Portable Vacuum Cleaners Money

Sept 25, 2013

I've found the best handheld vacuum cleaning machines to be so convenient and I'm sure many of you would agree with me. They are portable, powerful, lightweight, easy to store and to use but with so many products which one's actually meet these criteria? These are three of the best handheld vacuum currently available.

Shark Pet Perfect SV75 

I've included this machine for all you animal lovers out there that are plagued by tufts of pet hair flying around your home. The SV75 is cordless and powered by a 15.6 volt rechargeable battery. While it does an amazing job sucking up pet hair its cyclonic technology, which prevents the filter from clogging, insures that it's suction is strong even when used for dirt and debris.

 The Pet Perfect package also includes:

· A motorized, detachable brush tool for carpets, stairs and upholstery. 

· A separate crevice tool for hard to reach areas. 

· A dust-cup which is easy to clean instead of bags. 

Additionally not only does this machine run for a long time on a single charge but it does so very quietly. At only 4.8 pounds it is very lightweight and portable and at $39.99 it is also reasonably priced. 

Craftsman C3 19.2V 

This vacuum cleaner such as the Shark is portable and cordless, which means it can be used literally anywhere. It too has a bagless dust-cup which can be emptied with the push of a button, however, its battery at 19.2 volts is more powerful. It's functions are as follows: 

· Unfortunately while it can remove dirt effectively, pet hair does pose a problem. 

· It also has a long run time and at only 3 pounds it is lighter than the SV75. 

While it is sold separately it was designed primarily as an accessory to a Craftsman power tool which means that the battery and charger will also need to be bought. As the C3 costs $52.72 the overall price will increase when you buy the battery and charging dock. Therefore I'd only recommend the C3 for mechanics, electricians or handy-men who own the power tool.  

Electrolux Rapido 

The Rapido is the final cordless, portable handvac that I will discuss. it is also the most expensive at $89.99 but not the most powerful with only a 14.4 volt battery. However, the battery is a Lithium ION battery which not only charges faster but lasts longer as well. 

In terms of weight it is just under what the Shark weighs at 4.4 pounds. It's design features the following: 

· Soft glide wheels on the front for easy maneuverability over carpets and other surfaces.  

· 2 speed options. 

· An on-board crevice tool. 

· A flexible charging stand for easy storage and convenience. 

· Clear dust-cup. 

· Like the Shark it too uses Cyclonic technology to keep the filter unblocked. 


All three of these devices are portable, lightweight and have powerful batteries that help them function smoothly. Even though the differences between them are slight each one targets a specific area. The 'Shark' is best used by pet owners, the 'Craftsman' by craftsman and the 'Electrolux' by homeowners everywhere, however, they are still among the best portable vacuum cleaners currently available.

5 Facts You Should Consider When Cleaning Hardwood Floors

Sept 25, 2013

There was a time when wood flooring in a household was purely a necessity. It was something to walk on! Thankfully, our tastes have changed in the somewhat in the modern times. Folks are now aware of the inherent, aesthetic as well as functional value of wood floors. They know the value hardwood flooring can add to one’s home. From American cherry to oak and red Brazilian cherry—not all wood types are the same. Each hardwood type has a unique value attached to it.

Hardwood floors are sleek, chic and easy to manage. However, a few days of foot traffic deposits leave behind unwanted dirt and grime on its gorgeous surface. If you’re planning to clean wood floors, it’s essential that you keep the aforementioned points in mind.

5 Little Known Facts About Cleaning Wood Floors

Hardwood flooring is of two types—Natural flooring and pre-engineered floors. While natural flooring is made of authentic planks stacked on one another, the pre-engineered wood is sealed using polysynthetic materials between individual floorboards. Experts follow different procedures for cleaning therefore make sure that you’re acquainted with the correct tools and method of cleaning both the types of hardwood flooring.
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How to Install Wood Floor Around Toilet

July 08, 2013

According to Homestadna, bathrooms are not the ideal environment for wood floors. They are usually hot and humid places, and wood expands when it is exposed to moisture and heat. When done correctly, a wood floor offers a very attractive finish to a bathroom.
4 Steps to Installing Wood Floor around a Toilet
1. Ensure there is a moisture protection layer
2. Remove the toilet
3. Install the floor
4. Re-install the toilet
Ensuring there is a moisture protection layer
If dampness rises into the wood, the wood will quickly become unhygienic, smell bad and rot. It is essential to ensure that there is an adequate moisture protection layer under the floor.

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